“The biggest Chiropractic practices in the world have systems like Housecall integrated into the practice that deliver new patients through their doors every day no matter what. Having trained over sixteen thousand Chiropractors and having been on the inside of more than three thousand practices worldwide, I believe that Housecall is the most important tool for Chiropractic marketing I have encountered since the days of the Yellow Pages. Internet search engines like Google and Social Media sites like Facebook fueled by Housecall’s technology are delivering an entire generation of new patients to practices right now. Master the new game by asking Housecall to join your team!”
CJ Mertz Founder and CEO, Full Potential Leadership
“Housecall has fused cutting edge Internet marketing techniques with the delivery of active care clinical excellence. They deliver on a principal that Breakthrough Coaching clients have learned for years that clinical excellence will drive practice growth. Housecall’s system demonstrates that practice marketing can be done professionally, ethically and effectively and that these qualities are not mutually exclusive of one another.”
Mark Sanna, DC CEO Breakthrough Coaching
“I have devoted much of my professional career to teaching Chiropractors how to deliver more complimentary active care. The Housecall active care system was developed by Chiropractors who understand the challenges of Chiropractors. I believe it is an extraordinary tool for any Chiropractor looking to deliver more active care within the context and setting of a Chiropractic business model. Housecall supercharges active care practice profit centers like nothing I have ever seen!”
Dana Makinson DC, Director of Education for Performance Health (Home of Biofreeze, Thera-Band, and Prossage)
“Housecall has become the single largest source of new patients my office gets every month. Last month alone we had 16 new patients all from the Housecall’s Internet marketing solution. Thanks for taking the pressure off me and making practice fun again.”
Doug Pray DC
“The new patients Housecall delivers are great of course but I am sure everyone tells you that. However, I have to confess, I have always hated the feeling like I was selling when I made product recommendations to my patients. Whether it was for orthotics, pillows, or rehab gear I never was comfortable with it and I think the patients always sensed that deep down. Now thanks to Housecall, without me having to sell products, our profit center revenue alone has increased five fold and I get to just concentrate on being a doctor again! Thanks for such a great service.”
John VanWagner DC, Great Barrington MA
“Besides generating my office more new patients than anything else we do, Housecall has improved patient compliance with their care plans. My average length of stay has improved by an average of 2.3 visits per case. That simple statistic improvement translated to nearly 20K more in collections over the last 12 months! I wish I had something like this ten years ago. Housecall is the single most important thing I have added to my practice since I bought my first adjusting table.”
Melanie Six DC
“How much are new patients worth to you? You do the math. If Housecall generates two new patients per year this program has paid for itself. In my office last month alone Housecall generated 10 new patients. This is a no brainer!”
Frank Soriento DC
“This service has become an indispensible part of our busy multidisciplinary practice. Our front desk staff finds it easy to use. The patients are impressed with the content, its clarity, and professional demonstrations. I am most impressed by your attentive service.”
Manual Mendoza Jr. DC, Director Hempstead Total Medical Center
“My wife and I were about to close our doors and get out of Chiropractic practice when we were introduced to Housecall. Initially, we joined Housecall for just one reason – a last ditch effort to get more new patients. Thank god it worked and we were able to financially stabilize then grow again. However, what we have come to realize is that the Housecall system makes everything we do better. From new patient education to the reports of findings, from profit center sales to patient appreciation days and community outreach lectures it’s all impacted by this remarkable system. Our practice is profitable again, more efficient, and more fun. Housecall has been a game changer for us. No, actually it’s been a lifesaver. God bless you all!”
Richard Fenton DC Montreal Canada